TWV online Resources for artists in need

From Towards Vivencia, we would like to contribute with our expertise in online training to help all the artists who are stoically enduring the necessary restrictions imposed worldwide.

Browse through the following resources, share them and/or reach out to add more interesting material 

What are we offering



MASA. Medium Level

Ballet class with Marysol

MASA. Advance Level


MASA. Advance Level

Ballet class with Marysol

MASA. Advance Level

Coming soon


Ballet class with Marysol

Ballet class with Marysol

Ballet class with Marysol

Online Classes, What we are doing:


Given the circumstances that don’t seem to have an ending date soon (yet!), and after this week’s trial, we have decided to serve the community by extending the number and variety of those online classes and we are contacting really inspiring teachers to join them... We have a very special new teacher this week!!!! (Keep reading)


Thanks so much to everyone who joined us virtually this week. The solidarity these past days has been a massive highlight in today’s context, and from Towards Vivencia we are very touched by the movements of support everyone showed to train as a community. 

  Towards Vivencia’s ethos has always been to support artists through a consistent online training for mind & body. This period of time brings new challenges that we are ready to overcome with you all. 

This past week, all of our classes were free for the participants. As a company we managed to provide a very little fee to our incredible teachers to financially support them in these times of need. We want to address and thank them for the amazing work they have done at bringing people together, and battling the uncertainty. 


Classes and Teachers for next week include (ALL TIMES ARE Central Europe time, one hour ahead that in the UK)

All of the classes will be streamed through zoom. If you are not in our mailing list, send us your email through here or our instagram account and we'll keep sending the necessary link

Some of the classes will also be streamed live through our teachers’ instagram accounts


In order to be able to support our teachers even more, we have opened this paypal account to receive spontaneous financial contributions. 


If and only if you CAN a 2 or 3€ contribution per class would be more than enough.


Please note: It is totally fine if you cannot/decide not to contribute financially. These times are tough for everyone and we would much prefer for you to be with us and contribute with your presence to the community than to pay if it causes you too much stress. We are here to keep connected, take control of our days on what can be controlled and support one another in the best way. 


With lots of love and courage to everyone!

Send us your email to get the link to connect to the classes

Online classes

All times are CET or what is the same GMT+1

No upcoming events.



Towards Vivencia in Conversation with

Julyen Hamilton, Maria Campos & Guy Nader, Ben Duke and many more


Dance Dialogues

  • With the one and only Rachel Elderkin


No such thing as a fish

The best humour with the best facts


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