Will the tasks you send us be dance combinations? 

No. Every two weeks I will focus on one aspect of your performance and I will give you ways to locate and work that aspect in your everyday activities, whether this is at work, at home, or a part of anything else within your daily routine.

Do I need to have access to a studio or any other place where I can do the training?

No, you can implement this training in any circumstance. Even if you have an injury/are ill and you can’t do your normal training, you could still work Towards Vivencia.

Every 2 weeks we have to write a report on the FB page. Is there a deadline or a specific moment we have to post that report? Or can we write it any time during those 14 days?

Yes, every 2 weeks you have to write a report about how those two weeks went… Deadline is saturday at midnight (whatever time zone you are)

You can do it friday or saturday, but as it is a summary of how the two weeks went, is advisable to do it at the end of the 2 weeks period.

Does the training have to be done every day or can I decide how to organise it?

Like any other training, the more you practice the more you feel the effects of your training. As the training runs mainly in the background of the rest of your activities, it is advisable for you to keep aware of it every day and do something practical, such as logging your progress or post videos/pictures on the FB page whenever you can.

I’m horrible with technology. Can I track my progress in a notebook?

During the week, you can track your progress however feels comfortable to you. However, by sharing your experience with the online community, you will receive invaluable support from your fellow trainees, maybe even some technical advice. It is why the online community is such a powerful tool in this training. Being part of the group offers so much more than we could get if we were going on this journey by ourselves.