Consistent training for 12 months


Based on nearly 20 years of experience and 10 years of practice-based research, this training gathers performers from all over the world and offers them a constant practice for twelve months.

In the Towards Vivencia training program, we uncover how the nervous system works and how to utilize its full potential in our daily routines.

Life can be extremely demanding and distracting… You want to start a specific training, but you have to work on other unrelated jobs, do your grocery shopping, have a bit of a social life. This training not only gives you continuity in your training but also helps you establish a long term structure… One of the previous participants said: It is giving me a “routine” training in a “no routine” life


Every two weeks, we will post a detailed video to our private Facebook group outlining a task for you to integrate into your daily routine, classes, rehearsals, creation process, etc…

The focus of these tasks is to change the way we do things. You will dedicate as much or as little time as you want to your training… Sometimes you don’t even have to do anything extra;  just do what you need to do everyday, but approach it slightly differently.

You will log your progress through Google Docs and post a report on our private Facebook group every two weeks… 1 or 2 paragraphs will be enough… All in all, the minimum requirement is to dedicate 15-20 mins every two weeks to the group. Of course the more time you dedicate to the training for your practice the more you will see the benefits.